Saturday, December 01, 2007

Hazardous Storages

I have received several requests to post the Coords of the Hazardous Storages:

-The hazardous Storage in C1 is located in Whitestone map, Tirnwood Valley, at 393,377. Go down the ladder, then walk to the end of the tunnel, then enter the cave to your right, then walk towards the SW of the next map. The exact location of the guy (Viorel) in Tirnwood Undergrounds is 25,157. Please remember there are Gargs and Hobgoblins in the area.

-In C2, the HazMat Storage is located in Aeth Aelfan (in the fortress, AFAIK) Melinis Sewers. If someone can provide the Coords, you can do it in the comments.

The handy thing about Whitestone Hazardous Storage is that there's a lot of poo nearby, waiting for you to harvest. Dung is located at the back of the Tavern in Lakeside Village.

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Anonymous said...

C2 hazmat storage has moved recently to a yet to me unkown location.

Anonymous said...

New location is melinis sewers.

Anonymous said...

Coords for the C2 Hazmat storage is Melinis 279.343. Click on the sewer lid and you get to Melinis Sewers.

Anonymous said...

Gargs and hobgoblins I can handle, but I was set upon by four Feros in the Tirnwood hasmat storage caves. It was just after I spoke to an archery NPC (thinking it was the storage guy) so maybe that triggered it. They were still there when I went back for my stuff.

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