Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Ways to PK in Eternal Lands

1. A/D approach
Spend 10 years levelling a/d and buying pickpoints and then all your melee combat opponents with be equal to or weaker than you. A couple of rangers will still be able to rip your health down fast though, especially if you get unlucky with your point defense (which are completely luck based), though if you get your hands on the rangers you can kill them equally as fast.

Spend a few months levelling ranging. You will be able to kill everyone and everyone will be able to kill you. If you have good evasive tactics you'll die less. The cost to level ranging isn't too high, but still costs a bit, if you don't want to harvest/mix heaps for gc, buy it with RL$.


3. Spend maybe 8 months to a year (not 100% sure, I haven't levelled Engineering) levelling Magic and Engineering and use wards and Harm/MD to kill opponents. Getting max rationality and high magic and engineering takes a lot of time and costs alot, buying gc will make it a lot faster.

4. Spend maybe 1-2 years levelling summoning and you will have the potential to completely clear KF, but you'll spend a veritable fortune doing it. I haven't levelled summoning personally, but my understanding is making those stones is one hell of a grind. Also, if the rangers or the fighters get their hands on you, you'll drop quick.

5. Spend 1-2 years setting up a character especially for DPa1. Tactics often isn't worth much there, but strategy is. The fights are very costly and can be very lengthy, also if you only PK there those who fight in KF will be like "lol DPa n00b" (though most of them won't come and fight you there).

Thursday, October 28, 2010

F2P II: Dungeons and Dragons Online

Another game that went F2P a few months ago is Dungeons and Dragons Online.

DDO - I came in on that?

With the move to F2P, DDO raised its profits a 500%. As other games that have gone or are going the same route, DDO makes use of an Online Shop. You can play for free all the way, of purchase the ingame currency via using real $$ or through your performance in the game: Some quests will give you cash to spend in the Online Shop.

Let me repeat: DDO is completely playable without paying, but you'll have to get the items through your own effort.

DDO's ratings are pretty good. Some people complain that its graphics are not jaw dropping, but for a former Eternal Lands player even Farmville's graphics rock.

DDO - Nuvalo has arrived

Have a look at the video to get an idea of:
  • • Character creation
  • • Trainer
  • • Shopping
  • • Random gameplay

Visit the site http://www.ddo.com/ to download the game and give it a try!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

F2P I: The Lord of the Rings online

We are starting this series dedicated to Free to Play MMORPGs with the last addition to the F2P Clan: The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO).

Lord of the Rings Online™
Random loading screen of LOTRO. Promising...

LOTRO Summer Festival 2010

It is clear by now that F2P is the way of the future, with other amazing MMORPGs going the same route (stay tuned if you want to know about them).

Lord of the Rings Online™Lord of the Rings Online™

With LOTRO, you step on Tolkien's Middle Earth and find yourself completely involved in the storyline, which mixes elements from the books with new ones by the developer, Turbine (within a reasonable limit: You won't find elements not matching the storyline, like aliens).

.Lord of the Rings Online™.
Starting this September, LOTRO offers up to the Mines of Moria expansion for free. There's still the subscription option and the Online Shop. However, you won't be paying for power levelling like in other games, but to achieve things faster.

Have a look at the ratings (from 8 points over 10 and even better), then at the screenies in this post, and tell me your mouth isn't watering to try this awesome game, if you have not tried it yet.

Lord of the Rings Online™ScreenShot00004

LOTRO is an incredibly polished MMORPG. The graphics are simply beyond description, tremendously engaging. Have a look at a LOTRO sunset and you won't feel like going back to your boring real life window views anymore.

Levelling up takes time, but you'll eventually get where the PROS are. Class dynamics are also interestingly thought out and leaves the player with a lot of freedom to design his path in the game. The tasks you can do, if you wish, are varied and very well developed technically; you can swim, fish, craft or fight, to name a few. The quests are many and very well written, but you can go without them if you like. Lore is supreme.

What about the community? And character creation options? If you're wondering about these issues, take a look at this vid and find out yourself:

If you're a The Lord of the Rings fan, you should give LOTRO a try. It won't cost you a single cent!

Free to Play is the way to go

Welcome to New York Shitty.

Are you stuck in a shitty game that got you in because you liked that it was free? Were you deceived by the fact that randomness made the cool stuff almost unlikely unless you visited the online shop? Are you still playing Eternal Lands or have you already left for Facebook games?

Despair not, gamer. In following posts you'll know about other alternatives that prove that FREE TO PLAY (F2P) is the way to go!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Honorable EL player hands

This is what happens to the hands of those players who click their levels up themselves without macroing.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Using Axife Mouse Recorder to do stuff for you in EL

Dear friends,

A couple of starter guides on macroing have already been posted in this webpage.

The easiest way to macro repetitive tasks, like harvesting, mixing FE's, thread or the like, is of course using a MOUSE RECORDER. Axife is the best one I've tried so far.

Go download it here, it's a demo but it's more than you need:

Axife's interface is really simple in the most basic version, but it is more than we need for our purposes.

  1. You just click on "Record", stop the command when you're done, and play when you want the action to start repeating itself.
  2. 2 is for how many times you want the action to repeat.
  3. 3 shows the time sequence of the action.
Regarding (1), I recommend that you just do this:
Go view >options >Hot keys and assign hot keys to the actions.

As easy as it can get.

Enjoy your self done essences!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bloodsucker maps 3.0

Bloodsucker mappack v. 3.0 has already been released, so go to his page and download it!

Don't forget to keep cooperating with him so he can keep updating the maps in the future.
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