Wednesday, September 13, 2006

On a trip through the Magic School, part 1

(I have another post with complete maps of the Magic School and its maze)

When I started playing Eternal Lands, the Magic School in Tarsengaard was a place I avoided. It was easy to get lost there. It took me quite some time to make it to some places, like the portals room, or the Magic School Secret Gardens.

So I'm gonna take those of you who still get lost there, to its interesting places, in a series of trips.

In my homemade map, each colored dot shows a door, and where it takes is marked with a dot the same colour.

On todays trip, we'll reach the MAGIC SCHOOL GARDENS thru the SEWERS (yes, the sewers are PK, in case you didn't know).

  • Enter the Magic School, and go up the stairs to the right. There's a door there (red dot) so go thru it.
  • The next two doors lead to the dormitories (orange and yellow dots). Go thru the door that takes to the dining room (green dot).
  • In the dining room, take the door (white dot) that leads to the kitchen.
  • Once in the kitchen, take the trap (yellow SQUARE) and go down to the sewers (warning, Player Kill area, and nasty creatures as well).
  • Now, take the stairs up to the laboratory (green SQUARE).
  • Once in the laboratory, take the door that leads to the underground passage (fucsia dot).
  • In the Underground tunnel, walk to the other end, and exit thru the cave.
  • You're in the Magic School Secret Gardens!!

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The Magic School of Tarsengaard admits many different ways of doing the same thing. On next entries, I'll cover different (safer) paths to the Secret Gardens, secret areas, the maze, the portals room, and the Magic School Secret gardens themselves, with their hidden entries to the caves and so on.

Until later.

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James said...

on the quest, we are supposed to find someone in this school, directions to that? thanks

bunny Basher said...

very little exploring to do to find the NPC for the quest :)

into the school, on the left is a door to the bookshop, and in there is the person you need to talk to

Anonymous said...

Where do you go to do the TD Magic school part of the knowledge quest? the bookstore NPC only lets me buy books, doesnt give me any info.

thegraetlord said...

Are you talking about Roslayn?
Becouse if you are then this is how to find here: You come in the Entrance hall.
Then (compass has to point north)you go left.So its Up left Second room there.

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